Choqok TODO List

Here you can find current Choqok development todo list, and if you are a developer who like help on its development, select one of these and work on it…

Note: If you have decided to work on one of below jobs, let me know(via email or on identica), to mark it “under dev” here, to prevent multiple developers working on one job ;)

After version 0.6.6 Choqok design changed and made pluginable in some matters:

You can write plugin for:

  • A Microblog service.
  • An additional feature.
  • A Shortener service.

And we can extend it’s extendability by adding support for more plugins…

Current TODO List:

  • Extending plugin support to be more useful
  • Support for post later option (+)
  • Dbus interface for unread messages(+)

Plugins For More Microblog Services:

  • Diaspora (+)
  • FriendFeed +
  • FaceBook
  • +
  • (It has a twitter like API)
  • A plugin that use Akonadi microblog resource to be sync with it.
  • Global, read only RSS/Atom


Plugins To Eextend Its Funtionallity:

  • Nothing for now

TwitterApiHelper Library:

Because there are many services that use Twitter Api as their extra or official API, I have made a shared lib for TwitterApi (can be find in code: helperlibs/TwitterApiHelper) so we can extend it to be usable on any service.

  • Adding a “more” button to view older posts. (+)

Twitter Service Plugin:

  • Nothing for now

StatusNet (Laconica) Service Plugin:

  • Subscribe/UnSubscribe to a Group


You have new/better idea:

fill a new wish request on bug tracker, or just dive in code and work on it…

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