Choqok is part of KDE project, and source code is at KDE official git repository.

It’s always under development and there are many features to add…

You can help its development via:

Help With Coding:

There is a TODO List for Choqok, check it and select one to implement. Additionally you can select one of users requested wishes from kde bug tracker.

And some useful information about how to write an special Plugin for Choqok is available at gitorious wiki pages.

Due it’s source code is hosted at KDE git repository, to have commit/push access you need to have a kde git account. Check this for more information.

If you have any patches, please use KDE Review Board, and assign it to me.

For coding, I recommend kdelibs coding style for Choqok. Nobody is forced to use it. but to have consistent formating of the source code files it is recommended to make use of it.